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Valentine's Day Gift Idea for him/her

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Arghh, what to give as a present during this Valentine's Day?

"Roses?" "Will die soon la"

"Chocolate?" "I'm on diet dear"

"Lipsticks?" "Nah, no one see my lips when I wear mask"

"Tie?" "I have enough of it"


How about giving him/her something he/she can use everyday?

  1. Uni EMOTT Ever Fine Fineliner

The EMOTT Ever Fine Fineliners come in 0.4mm nib size with stylish square-designed barrels. The minimalist barrel design with matt white finishing has been lots of people favorite.

EMOTT Ever Fine Fineliners consists of water-resistant, fadeproof, smudge-free ink that gives the users best writing experience when making notes, underlining or doodling.

Also, you don't have to worry about any breakage or fragile tips anymore! EMOTT Ever Fine Fineliners is with durable tips which resistant to splitting or bending.

EMOTT comes with the sets of 5, 10 and 40 unique colors combinations.

Check out more now at :

2. Uni Jetstream Edge Ballpoint Pen 0.28mm

The world's first 0.28 mm oil-based ballpoint pen, the Jetstream Edge offers an extraordinarily fine and precise writing experience.

Its stylish body features a hexagonal plastic barrel and a lightly ridged metal grip section. The pen widens gradually from top to tip, giving the pen a comfortably wide grip and a low center of gravity for improved stability and control.