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Valentine's Day Gift Idea for him/her

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Arghh, what to give as a present during this Valentine's Day?

"Roses?" "Will die soon la"

"Chocolate?" "I'm on diet dear"

"Lipsticks?" "Nah, no one see my lips when I wear mask"

"Tie?" "I have enough of it"


How about giving him/her something he/she can use everyday?

  1. Uni EMOTT Ever Fine Fineliner

The EMOTT Ever Fine Fineliners come in 0.4mm nib size with stylish square-designed barrels. The minimalist barrel design with matt white finishing has been lots of people favorite.

EMOTT Ever Fine Fineliners consists of water-resistant, fadeproof, smudge-free ink that gives the users best writing experience when making notes, underlining or doodling.

Also, you don't have to worry about any breakage or fragile tips anymore! EMOTT Ever Fine Fineliners is with durable tips which resistant to splitting or bending.

EMOTT comes with the sets of 5, 10 and 40 unique colors combinations.

2. Uni Jetstream Edge Ballpoint Pen 0.28mm

The world's first 0.28 mm oil-based ballpoint pen, the Jetstream Edge offers an extraordinarily fine and precise writing experience.

Its stylish body features a hexagonal plastic barrel and a lightly ridged metal grip section. The pen widens gradually from top to tip, giving the pen a comfortably wide grip and a low center of gravity for improved stability and control.

The ink is also water resistant, fade resistant, and forgery resistant, making it a safe choice for important notes and signatures. Your hubby, boyfriend, Papa, will be so happy if receive this cool, stylish and functional premium pen! :D

3. PLUS Team Demi Classic Stationery Set

Wanna present him/her something classic and could keep for a long time? Team Demi Stationery Set would definitely a great choice!

Sleek and minimalist design, 8 essential tools, size of a palm, cater to all needs in journaling/travelling.

Everything in this little kit is with MAGNET so everything will get back to its original position and no worry about the stationery moving around and getting mess. So sleek and aesthetic right?

Check out more info: (It's with special free gift now ya!!!)

4. Uni Pure Malt Premium Pen Series

Uni has carefully selected high quality dark oak wood from pure malt whisky barrels to craft writing instruments. Mitsubishi claims that the oak reclaimed and used in making their stylish pens have previously nurtured whisky for a span of more than 50 years, which is why the oak is so dark.

The Oak had a growth of 50 years before being turned in whisky barrels. Simple calculations age the wood retained in their pens to be around 100-years old!

The polished wood provides a silky touch, retains warmth in the users hand (just like a whisky really), and has precise writing.

Since every pen barrel is created using different oak wood, it gives a distinctive look to every Uni Pure Malt Pen as every design of the pen looks different!

What else could be more special than this distinctive gift during this Valentine's Day?

**Wooden Box will only be provided in the premium pure malt sets**

5. Lihit Lab Durable Pouches or Cases

Looking for something fancy? Lihit Lab's Punilabo series would definitely top choice for presenting your girlfriend!

This Punilabo Standing Case allows you to take out your pens/pencils/cosmetic items easily. You could also insert your small items such as eraser at the upper part of the standing case.

It's available in 6 cute animals!

The silicon material allows you to wipe out the dust and dirt easily and it's so pleasing to squeeze the silicon body ><

Lihit Lab also produces simple type of pouches which suitable for young lady or working adults. Bloomin also using the same silicon material with Punilabo, which allows you to clean dusts or dirt on the surface of your cases.

You could visit our website to check out more cool and sweet stuff for your Valentine's present too!

Enjoy your Valentine's!

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