Sun-star Disney Chara Para Letter Set S2085887 S2085879

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Disney Chara Para Letter Set (Mickey & Minnie and Chip & Dale Series)

**100% Authentic Licensed Product**

Let's tell the thought to an important person in a letter!

Is it good not to be an email, and to sometimes write a letter?☆
As there is various stationery of the pattern design, I will prepare it♪


For each 12 pieces of letter paper 2 patterns of the pretty design and envelope 2 pattern for each six pieces are set. 


-Size: (about) 14.3 × 18.6cm
-Stationery: 2 patterns each 12 sheets (total 24 sheets)
-Envelope: 6 pieces for each 2 patterns (12 pieces in total)
-Origin : Japan


S2085879 - Mickey & Minnie

S2085887 - Chip & Dale