PLUS Expandable Zero Max File FL021SL

PLUS Expandable Zero Max File FL021SL

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Name of Produts: PLUS Expandable Zero Max File A4-S 
Model: FL- 021SS
External Dimension: w220 x H302mm
Features: File      
Spine Width Range: 18-118mm
Pitch Size: 80mm
Capacity: 1,000 sheets (based on 70gsm paper)                    

Covers= Recycled paper pulp  

Fastener= Polypropylene       


A file that allows you to insert 1pcs to 1,000pcs of paper!

Zero Max grows with its content and is only as wide as the documents it holds.
This flexibility saves space and avoids unnecessary waste of space in the file cabinet or briefcase.
The cover is made from 95% recycled paper and the fastener from 80% recycled polypropylene.
 Easy loading wirh One-touch Sideways Fastener.


Available in 4 Color now! - Beige, Blue, Pink, Green-


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