Lihit Lab Aqua Drops Pen Case A-5021

Lihit Lab Aqua Drops Pen Case A-5021


Name: Aqua Drops Pen Case
Brand: Lihit Lab.
Model: A-5021
Dimension: W 185 x D 59 x H 20mm
Specifications: Approximately 4 pens
Material: Polypropylene
Colors Available: White, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue


-Pin dot embossed

- Polypropylene cover Pin dot embossed polypropylene cover with the image of water droplets falling on the surface of the water.

The slightly inserted pin dot embossing shows various expressions depending on the angle of the light.
-Since it can be opened and closed with one push, the pen can be taken out quickly.
-A lightweight resin type compact body that is not bulky in a bag. Free space design with no wasteful partitions.