Maruman B5 Spiral Note Word Book N646M

Maruman B5 Spiral Note Word Book N646M

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In 1960, Japan's first ring notebook
It was born from Maruman.
The following year, he developed the "spiral note M.C.B.1961", which was both durable and light.
The classic "spiral note M.C.B.1961" of such a ring note
It has been reborn with a new design and new text paper.


・ Light and durable
・ Original color board paper "M.C.B.1961"
・ B5 size with both space and portability
・ Word rule that can write words in detail regardless of language


[Product Specifications]
Product number: N 646M
Body size: B5 length 252 x width 183 x thickness 4 mm
Body text: Word rule / 30 sheets
Paper: Writing paper MPS-N 70g / m²
Bookbinding: Spiral