Maruman Zuan A4 Sketch-Pad S252

Maruman Zuan A4 Sketch-Pad S252

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Speaking of sketchbooks, Maruman's "pattern series"
This is Japan's leading drawing paper that has long been a favorite of all users, from amateurs to professionals.

Tenori pad binding can be used by peeling the paper one by one neatly.


Moderately natural unevenness (texture) on the surface enhances the expression.
Soft and excellent in absorbency, suitable for watercolor.
・ It is excellent in storability because it is made from neutral paper.
・ It has good color development and has strength that does not hurt even if it is modified or retouched.


[Product Specifications]
Product number: S252
Body size: A4 210 × 297 × 10 mm                                
Body: 50 sheets
Paper: Printing paper Normal (neutral paper) MPS-D 126.5g / m²
Binding: Paste pad