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PLUS  Air-In Eraser Fruit (36-134)

PLUS Air-In Eraser Fruit (36-134)

SKU: ER 0311-FRU
RM6.60 Regular Price
RM5.28Sale Price

Quantity: 1 Random Piece


External dimensions: W25 x D14 x H45mm

Packaging unit (pieces): 24/600

Material: Body = PVC, Case = Paper


Since it is an air-in resin, it always feels like it erases with the corner!

Due to the function of porous ceramic powder

① Achieves the feeling of always erasing with the corner.

② Eraser particles wrap around graphite particles and erase handwriting neatly.


Newly shaped case that does not easily break

By curving the top of the case, the eraser body is less likely to break.


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