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PLUS  Air-In Eraser Mount Fuji Tokyo 2024 (36-599)

PLUS Air-In Eraser Mount Fuji Tokyo 2024 (36-599)

RM18.00 Regular Price
RM14.40Sale Price

Quantity: 1 set (2 pcs)

Material: Eraser = PVC, paper case/small box = paper

External dimensions: Eraser = W25 x D45 x H14mm, small box = W57 x D51 x H19mm

Set contents: Eraser (1 Sora Fuji, 1 Akane Fuji, 2 total)


Two-layer resin with different colors

If you erase it in a well-balanced manner in the left-right and front-back directions, the main body will become mountain-shaped and Mt. Fuji will appear.


It changes its appearance every time it disappears

It is an eraser with a new idea that makes the act of erasing fun because it takes on a different expression each time you erase it.


Japanese pattern case with foil stamping

The case is based on Japanese style and uses foil stamping. We have prepared 6 types of patterns including checkered pattern and cloisonné.


Air-in resin makes it easy to erase

Like the "Air-in" series, the resin contains porous ceramic powder, so it has an excellent eraser feel.

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