PLUS Mount Fuji Eraser (Air-IN Series) ER100-AIF

PLUS Mount Fuji Eraser (Air-IN Series) ER100-AIF


Blue Fuji ER-100AIF

Mt. Fuji eraser has become a long-awaited standard for popularity!


Originally, an eraser is a tool for erasing wrong characters or areas you want to correct.
Anyway, can you make "erasing" more fun?

From this thought, this eraser was born.
As the eraser made of two-layer resin gradually scrapes,
The appearance is like Mt. Fuji, depicting a magnificent curvaceous beauty.

You can create your own Mt. Fuji by erasing the left, right, front and back with a good balance.
Of course, the comfort is also excellent.

"Erase well" function and "Erasing fun" required for eraser
It is a new eraser that is realized at the same time.


Two-layer resin with different colors
The body becomes mountain-shaped when it is erased in a well-balanced manner in the left-right and front-back directions, and Mt. Fuji appears.


Change shape every time you erase
Each time you erase it, it becomes a different expression, so this "erasing" action itself is a fun new way of erasing.


Foil stamping Japanese pattern case
The case is based on Japanese style and uses foil stamping. We prepared six kinds of patterns such as checkered and cloisonne.


Air-in resin can be erased lightly
As with the "Air-in" series, it is also excellent in erasing comfort because it is a resin containing porous ceramic powder.