PLUS Whiper MR2 15th Anniversary 3P& 3-1

PLUS Whiper MR2 15th Anniversary 3P& 3-1

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Name of Produts: Plus Whiper MR2 15th Anniversary

Model & Dimension :
WH645R-31 BK 5mm x 4m + 5mm x 6 m (3+1)
WH 645-3P AN 5mm x 4mm x 3 (3 pcs)

Features: Correction Tape & Refills
Material: Recycled Plastic

√ Advanced mini roller head offers ultra smooth performance and accurate correction.
√ Pen-style body that is easy and comfortable to carry.
√ The correction pen transfers the tape firmly to the surface.
√ One-touch open/close cap protect the roller head when not in use.
√ Refillable with Whiper MR2 correction tape.


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