Uni Prockey Water-Based Marker (Medium)  PM150TR

Uni Prockey Water-Based Marker (Medium) PM150TR

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Bold Nib (Twin Type Bullet 1.2mm-1.8mm / Chisel 6.0mm)

Available in 18 Colours. Black, Brown, Blue, Green, Grey, Light Blue, Light Green, Light Orange, Ochre, Orange, Red, Soft Pink, Violet, Wine, Yellow, Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent Pink and Fluorescent Yellow.


● It is water-based felt-tip pen does not bleed moves back often to write it on a piece of paper

● Does not flow through the water if dry! Water Proof

● Does not smell unpleasant.

● Vivid color pigment ink.

● Write-in / glass / metal and plastic, do not damage the aqueous material.

● According to the application, you can use different core round core fine print and bold angle.


[How to use] ● You can use tools such as / Calendar / Poster / paper imitation.


Mitsubishi Uni Prockey is a double-ended felt tip pen designed to fit your your needs for fine and ultra-fine felt tip writing.

Prockey is a water based pen with a larger, rounded tip end, and a smaller, ultra-fine point writing tip on the other end.