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Uni Jetstream 101 Capped Ballpoint Pen 0.5mm/0.7mm/1.0mm

Uni Jetstream 101 Capped Ballpoint Pen 0.5mm/0.7mm/1.0mm

RM2.90 Regular Price
RM2.32Sale Price

Largest Diameter (mm): 16.2

Largest Barrel Diameter (mm): 9.6

Overall Length(mm): 151.9

Weight(gm): 10g

Barrel Material: PP& Elastic Rubber

Cap Material: PC

Clip Material: ABS

Safety Cap: Yes

Point Material: Stainless Steel

Ball Size & Material: 0.5mm Tungsten Carbide

Ink Type: Dyestuff & Pigment Ink

Drying Time: Dries in 1.0 Second on most papers


New JETSTREAM series. "JETSTREAM 101" The new standard of writing instruments.

Addicting snoothness!: JETSTREAM ink features a low-viscosity, highly lubricating solvent not used in conventional ball-point pens. By reducing the friction between ball and housing, this assures an incredibly smooth feel when writing.

Crisp, dense lines: The combination of pigment and dyestuff provides black density about twice that of conventional ink.

Extremely quick-drying:JETSTREAM ink easily penetrates paper and rapidly dries. This means less worry about getting ink on your hand if you touch the page after writing, a frequent problem with conventional oil-based ink.

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