Uni Propus Window Highlighter Dual Tip

Uni Propus Window Highlighter Dual Tip

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Propus Window Highlighter

-Available in 15 Colours (3 series)

-Twin-type: chisel with window on one side, 0.4mm fine tip on the other


The Propus Window is a twin-type marker great for highlighting, underlining, and fine writing. One side has a windowed chisel tip, which allows you to see the characters you are highlighting clearly. The other side has a .4mm fine plastic tip perfect for writing and underlining. Now you can use it as a color pen for your journal.


There are 15 fantastic colors in this new series. 5 clear and well defined colors, 5 earthy and calm colors, and 5 soft and gentle colors.

The highlighter tip with a window, which is a feature of the "Propus Window" series,is used, and characters can be seen while drawing a line, so you can mark clearly without sticking out where you want to draw a line.