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Established in 1948, PLUS Corporation is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.  During these seventy-year history, PLUS has gained a leading market share in the office supply, office furniture and stationery product manufacturing industry. 

PLUS Stationery Company develop, manufacture and selling stationery world-widely. 

PLUS Vietnam become the main manufacture for PLUS Stationery. PLUS Vietnam has established a culture that pursues the highest possible quality in the products manufactured. These values have spread profoundly throughout the workforce, sustained by an advanced quality management system, with each staff member maintaining a high level of quality awareness during all production processes.

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“Unique Values-Higher Satisfaction” is Plus Corporation’s business philosophy, which means that new values are created to the target of satisfying customers. Plus Stationery is eager to continue to improve and provide services and products that make lives more convenient, comfortable and smarter to worldwide people.

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