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Maruman is one of the leading paper converters in Japan for both stationery and art material fields. Since Maruman was founded in 1920, they have been developing and producing notebooks, sketchbooks, binders, loose leaf refills and report pads.

Maruman are especially dedicated in quality of their products and all of them are produced by Maruman's own factories in Japan. Maruman has been supplying these stationery and art materials for more than 90 years in over 20 countries and regions across the world.


Maruman has been active in the paper industry for over 90 years.
With the aim of keep diving into the secrets of paper, Maruman designs and produces its products domestically in Japan.

Mnemosyne range, like all other Maruman products, are made with Maruman original paper. It is named after the Greek goddess of memory, Mnemosyne products offer a top quality ink-resistant paper, perfect for use with fountain pens.

Maruman believes that every new story starts from a blank sheet of paper.

A blank sheet of paper is the source of imagination. When words, ideas and emotions are transferred onto the paper, the story begins.
When colors are added, creativity is released and joy can be shared. 
Maruman is particular about paper quality.
Maruman goal is to provide products that satisfy all their customers.

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