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The Uni-ball story begins in 1887, when Niroku Masaki founded a small company in Shinjuku , Tokyo, creating pencils of superior quality and styles.

The company soon became the Uni Mitsubishi Pencil Company, and maintains its commitment to quality, innovation, and safety to deliver exceptional writing experiences. 

Mitsubishi Pencil’s “uni” brand derives its name from the word “unique”. Our extensive product variety is indicative of our desire to create products that uniquely match the needs of individual users. A case in point is the pigment ink we use for roller balls, ball-point pens and markers. After many experiments to accomplish superior water and fade resistance, while ensuring satisfactory colour brightness and writing performance, Mitsubishi Pencil established the Ultra Particulate Pigment Dispersion Technology. This technology realises product excellence as exemplified by the “uni-ball Signo” series.


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