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LIHIT LAB Cube Fizz A6 Collection Case A-696

LIHIT LAB Cube Fizz A6 Collection Case A-696

RM36.50 Regular Price
RM29.20Sale Price

A new compact size is now available in a case with partitions that is perfect for storing small items such as masking tape.


Standard: A6

size: 185mm x 58mm x 142mm

Material: Main body/polypropylene (fabric thickness 0.9mm), partition base/polypropylene (fabric thickness 0.5mm), partition parts/polypropylene (fabric thickness 0.75mm), hook/steel


A collection case perfect for storing small items.

Comes with easily removable dividers.

If you remove all the partitions, you can also store A6 notebooks.

Can store up to 24 pieces of 15mm wide masking tape.

Also great for storing figures and miniature miscellaneous goods.

You can adjust the width by removing the side partitions to suit the items you want to store.

*It is not possible to remove only the vertical partition of the partition base.


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