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Maruman Puo Slim Binder A5 size F068

Maruman Puo Slim Binder A5 size F068

RM23.50 Regular Price
RM18.80Sale Price

Maruman Puro Binder A5 Slim is a light, flexible, and narrow binder for carrying your choice of Puro inserts. The binder can lay open wide and flat, or you can fold back the cover like a ring notebook. Either way, the notebook lays flat and provides for a comfortable writing surface. Binder arrives with 10 sheets of lined Maruman paper and a full length clear pocket sheet to get you started. This is a traveler's notebook sized customizable binder system.


  • A5 Slim Binder, 20 Rings
  • 10 sheets of paper included to get you started
  • Your choice of three cover colors: Light Blue, Light Pink, and Gray
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