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Maruman  vifArt Watercolor Paper Quality Sketch Pad (A4 Fine)

Maruman vifArt Watercolor Paper Quality Sketch Pad (A4 Fine)

RM49.50 Regular Price
RM39.60Sale Price

Name of Product: vifArt Watercolor Paper Sketch Pad

Paper Size: A4 (L297mm x W210mm x H8mm)

Sheets: 15

Thickness: 242gsm

Binding: Top Pad

Style: Rough, Natural, Smooth



The color applied is well-performed and the paint has been devised to prevent bleeding so that it can be moved easily. The surface is strengthened to prevent the paper from peeling due to the eraser and repeated brush strokes. The whiteness is a nice natural white. The specifications are close to neutral, there is little discoloration, and it has excellent storage stability.


There are 3 Style of Watercolor paper available for maruman's vifArt:

1) Rough - Easy to express shadows and suitable for rough line drawings to landscape.

2) Natural - The unevenness of the paper surface is natural and moderate, so you can try out the general watercolor effecte.

3) Smooth - It can express detailed depictions and is suitable for botanical art, pen drawings and calligraphy.


***Video Shown is a Natural Style vifArt Sketch Pad***

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