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PLUS Ca.Crea Note Book (NS Series)

PLUS Ca.Crea Note Book (NS Series)

RM19.50 Regular Price
RM13.65Sale Price

Choose from three types of paper with ruled or unruled lines.


-Size: H215mm x W105mm (A4 x 1/3 Size)

- Paper: 38 sheets

-Materials (Content): High quality, soft yellow paper

-Stitched binding provides durability, while allowing the open book to lay flat for easy use.


1. 6.5mm Ruled Lines: For journaling or jotting down notes


2. 5mm Grid Lines: For making Lists or precise drawing.


3. Unlined Paper: For sketching or doodling.



Adopted "thread binding"


Adopts a durable and easy-to-read "thread binding". Because the page opens flat, it is very comfortable to use.


#Notebook #ThreadBinding

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