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PLUS Camouflage Stamp 26mm with Utility Knife IS-580CM

PLUS Camouflage Stamp 26mm with Utility Knife IS-580CM

RM37.00 Regular Price
RM29.60Sale Price

Product Name: Personal Information Protection Stamp Roller with Keshipon Box Opener

External dimensions: W 50x D 50 x H 82mm

Stamp Size: 26mm x 30m (Approximately 500 stamping, 1 time=60mm)

Material: Body (PP/ABS/POM/PE), blade (stainless steel)

Colors Available: White, Pale Pink

Ink color: Black (Oil-based pigment ink)



■With this one, you can unpack the cardboard and protect your personal information. Equipped with high-performance ink that can be used for a wide range of paper for the first time. Bright coloring makes it fun to use.

■ A blade that can unpack the cardboard (cut the adhesive tape) is stored in the main body. It can be cut firmly without slipping with a serrated blade.

■ Equipped with newly developed ink that can be widely used for coated paper as well as plain paper.

■ The grip part is flat and thin, making it easy to hold, and the bottom is round, giving it an excellent sense of stability. The body shape is easy to use and place.

■ Coloring that is easy to understand even when placed at the front door and looks good.

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