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PLUS Classy Tone Fitcut Curve Scissors

PLUS Classy Tone Fitcut Curve Scissors

RM24.90 Regular Price
RM19.92Sale Price

Blade length: 65mm

Thickness: 1.8mm

Dimensions: W74 x D13 x H174 (mm)

Material: Blade/Caulking Pin = Stainless Steel

Grip = ABS + TPE,

Rattle Prevention Ring = POM


From thick to thin, this one! Crisp cutting with Bernoulli curve blade


■We adopt "Bernoulli curve blade" characterized by the light sharpness. The optimum blade opening angle is always maintained, and the object can be cut at any position from the base of the blade to the tip of the blade, achieving a light and smooth sharpness. It can be used for a wide variety of items, from paper such as envelopes to packing strings, confectionery bags, clothes tags, and plastic bags. It can be used conveniently in any situation, whether at home or in the office.


■We adopt "low-elasticity grip" using elastic elastomer material softly. It is a grip that you can hold firmly and your fingers will not hurt even if you use it for a long time.


■"Rattle prevention ring" combines mortar-shaped metal fitting pin with resin with excellent lubricity and wear resistance to suppress rattling. The smooth feeling of use lasts.

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