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PLUS Deco Rush Decoration Tape Mizutama Design (6mm x 4m) [2023]

PLUS Deco Rush Decoration Tape Mizutama Design (6mm x 4m) [2023]

RM12.90 Regular Price
RM10.32Sale Price

Quantity: 1 piece


A design drawn by mizutama that will soothe you with its soft lines and cute characters!

You can manage your daily records in a more fun and cute way♪

The tape has a slim 6mm width that fits neatly into your notebook.


One-point decoration for making daily notebooks.

Easy to read notebook and cute! Use one piece for “one point deco”, draw it long for “line deco”

By pulling one pattern at a time, you can create a one-point decoration like a stamp or sticker. Also, even if you draw it long, you can use it as a line decoration to make it look gorgeous.


One-point deco with just one piece


Draw long lines to decorate


Variations that are fun to choose and fun to collect.

A cute and practical tape design that is convenient for diary and schedule management. There are 3 types of tape widths: narrow 4.2mm, regular 6mm, and thick 10mm, so you can use them according to your preference depending on the type of notebook or notebook you have. The colorful color variations that make you want to collect them are also attractive.



Compact size, easy to carry


It's easy to carry in your pencil case or bag pocket, and it doesn't take up much space even when you collect it.


Because it's tape, your notebook won't be too thick, the pages won't be uneven, and they won't bleed!

The film tape is thinner than masking tape or stickers, so it won't make your notebook or notebook thick or uneven, making it easier to write from the back of the page. Also, unlike stamps, you don't have to worry about the ink bleeding through.


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