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PLUS Expandable Zero Max File A4 FL-021SL

PLUS Expandable Zero Max File A4 FL-021SL

RM13.90 Regular Price
RM11.12Sale Price

A flat file with a wider back. Choose from a wide range of products to suit your needs.


Name of Product: PLUS Expandable Zero Max File A4-S

Model: FL- 021SL

External Dimension: w220 x H302mm

Spine Width Range: 18-118mm

Pitch Size: 80mm

Capacity: 1,000 sheets (based on 70gsm paper)

Material: Covers= Recycled paper pulp Fastener= Polypropylene

*1 unit for 1 piece only*


• Zero Max grows with its content and is only as wide as the documents it holds.

• This flexibility saves space and avoids unnecessary waste of space in the file cabinet or briefcase.

• The cover is made from 95% recycled paper and the fastener from 80% recycled polypropylene.

• Easy loading with One-touch Sideways Fastener.


#PLUS #file #A4


The back width can be adjusted according to the amount of documents.


Maximum binding thickness up to 10 cm (economy up to 8 cm)

Depending on the amount of content, it can hold up to 1000 sheets and the back width can be expanded up to 10 cm. (Cenobus Economy can store up to 800 sheets and up to 8 cm)

* Copy paper (64 g/m2) conversion


Adjust the back width according to the amount

It can be used with the optimum thickness for the amount of documents, so you can save space in the stack.


Easy to put in and take out even if the number of documents increases


One-touch horizontal binding

One-touch operation to open and close the binding tool by simply raising the knob in the center.

After setting the documents, just slide the binding tool sideways. Documents can be easily taken in and out without the hassle of putting the binding feet through the holes.



Horizontal binding (A4-E, A5-E, A5-S and economy type)

A side-loading type binding tool that simply slides the binding tool sideways after setting the documents.

You can easily put in and take out documents without the hassle of putting the binding foot through the hole.


Completely reusable files (with some exceptions)


The binding tool and binding foot are designed to be detachable.

You can easily separate it from the cover. By attaching a string (sold separately) to the front cover, it can be reused as a replacement for the cross-grain cover for storage.

If you save it with a string, it can be disposed of as combustible waste all at once. By attaching the binding tool and binding foot to a replacement cover (sold separately), it can be used repeatedly (approximately 10 times).


No need to cut binding legs

Up to 800 sheets can be used as is.

When binding more than 800 sheets, just shift the position of the binding leg. Since the binding foot is not cut, it can be put back again when the documents are reduced

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