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PLUS Fit Cut Curve Multi Purpose Scissors (Wire Cutting, Disk Cutting, etc.) SC

PLUS Fit Cut Curve Multi Purpose Scissors (Wire Cutting, Disk Cutting, etc.) SC

RM58.00 Regular Price
RM46.40Sale Price

Name: Fit Cut Curve Multi Purpose Scissors

Brand: PLUS

Model: SC-175PM

Materials: High Carbon Stainless Steel(Blade), POM(Friction-prevention Ring), PE(Grip)

Length: 178mm

Blade: 48mm

Suitable for cutting wire, CDs, Cards, Open Bottles, Card Boards, Plastic Bottles, Thin Metal Material.




- Versatile type fit cut curve + (Fit Cut Curve) + scissors that can be used for one purpose and can cut metal.


- With a curved blade (Bernoulli curve blade), you can keep the optimal blade angle (about 30 °) to grip the target firmly.


- From the root of the blade to the cutting edge, it achieves a light and smooth sharpness. In addition, we adopt high-angle finish blade which there is little friction with paper, and curve is easy to cut.


- A special shaft mechanism with high precision and low friction suppresses rattling at the time of cutting, maintaining smooth use and sharpness.


- New theory "36mm wide grip" that is the easiest to focus on! + Thorough measurement of the width of the grip, which makes it easy to apply force to the cutting edge, adopts a 36mm wide grip, which is the easiest for men and women to focus on.


- With the new method "wire cutting", Φ2.5mm aluminum wire can be cut lightly and beautifully! + Open the blade and hold the grip through the wire through the overlapped holes to cut the needle without slipping.


- Thick blades and knurled blades that can be cut without slipping! + Thick and round objects can be cut without slipping.


- Convenient “screw opening function” is included! + PET bottle caps can be easily opened.

Because the grip is made of a soft material, your hands will not be tired and your fingers will not hurt even if you use it for a long time.


- With a cap that can be fitted from both sides, it can be stored safely.



● Blade part: Aluminum plate (thickness 0.6mm or less), copper plate (thickness 0.5mm or less), galvanized steel plate, tin plate (thickness 0.3mm or less), stainless steel plate (thickness 0.2mm or less), rubber plate (thickness) 7mm or less) ・ Leather (2mm or less) ・ Soft plastic (2mm or less) ・ Hard plastic (1.2mm or less)


● Wire cutting part: aluminum wire (Φ2.5mm or less), copper wire (Φ1.6mm or less), galvanized iron wire (Φ1.2mm or less)

* Medical tape, gauze, elastic bandage, etc. may be difficult to cut.

* Piano wires, zem clips, stainless steel wires, extremely thin objects (such as vinyl) cannot be cut.

* The knives are only for one side.

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