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PLUS FitCut Curve Smart Fluorine Coated Scissors for Small Hands SC-155RSF

PLUS FitCut Curve Smart Fluorine Coated Scissors for Small Hands SC-155RSF

RM19.50 Regular Price
RM15.60Sale Price

Plate Thickness: 1.8mm

Blade Length: 60mm

Length: 155mm


Packaging unit (pieces): 1/10/120

Materials: Grip = 88% recycled ABS, blade/caulking pin = stainless steel, anti-rattle ring = POM


Stays sharp! Smart size that is easy to handle even for women with small hands.


Light and compact! Smart size for easy storageApproximately 20 mm shorter in total length and 25% lighter in weight than the standard type* . It's slim and light, making it the perfect size for cutting small items.

The handle is also compact, making it easy to store in a drawer or pen holder.

*Comparison with “Fit Cut Curve” series “Standard” model


Transparent fluorine coating keeps the tape from becoming sticky even when cut

The entire blade is coated with a transparent fluororesin coating to improve non-stick properties. It maintains its smooth sharpness even when cutting adhesive materials such as packing tape and masking tape.


Bernoulli curved blade allows for crisp cutting from the root to the cutting edgeAdopts a "Bernoulli curved blade" that has a light sharpness from the root of the blade to the cutting edge. When cutting, the optimal blade opening angle is always kept constant, so the object can be firmly grasped at any position. Provides comfortable sharpness on packaging string, candy bags, clothing tags, envelopes, vinyl, etc. You can cut stably and comfortably.



"Anti-rattling ring" that maintains a smooth feelThe comfort of using scissors is largely influenced by the "backlash" that occurs due to wear of the metal pin that connects the upper and lower blades. Plus' unique "rattling prevention ring", which combines a mortar-shaped metal pin with resin with excellent lubricity and wear resistance, suppresses this rattling. Smooth feel and long-lasting sharpness.

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