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Plus Guard Stamp ID Camourflage Gyid Roller Stick IS-550CM

Plus Guard Stamp ID Camourflage Gyid Roller Stick IS-550CM

RM23.50 Regular Price
RM18.80Sale Price

Quantity: 1 stick



Color: Blue, White


New stick shape that pursues ease of holding

The curved shape that can be firmly gripped fits even small hands.


Slider mechanism that can be used quickly with one hand

You can easily put in and take out prints just by moving the slider.


The stamp surface is

15 mm wide, which is perfect for delivery labels.

The perfect size to hide narrow courier labels.

It is also convenient for DM and slender receipts.


Easy ink replacement that keeps your hands clean !

The dedicated ink cartridge (sold separately) can be installed directly from the case.

* For details, see the instruction manual.


The stamping distance is about 20m and it lasts a long time.

For example, if the length of the address is 70 mm, you can use it for about 300 times.


Protect your personal information easily!

Personal information can be easily hidden with a special stamp face pattern

that hides characters with characters just by rolling it on the part you want to hide. In addition, we use a special ink with excellent water resistance, light resistance, and chemical resistance.

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