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PLUS Guard Your ID Stamp Mini Roller IS-520CM

PLUS Guard Your ID Stamp Mini Roller IS-520CM

RM22.50 Regular Price
RM18.00Sale Price

Name: Guard Your ID Mini Roller Stamp Mini Roller

Brand: PLUS

Materials: PS (Main Casing), ABS/POM (Cap), POM/PE (Ink Cartridge)

External Dimensions: W28mm x D29mm x H58mm

Stamping Capacity: Approximately 500 times (assuming 60mm per use)

Stamp Width: 15mm



• Helps prevent identity theft by permanently blocking out addresses, account numbers etc.

• 3/4 inches wide encrypted pattern in combination with oil based ink penetrates non-glossy papers so personal information cannot be seen at the front or back

• Removable cover makes it easy to store no mess

• Not applicable on glossy or coated papers, as oil-based ink may be rubbed off

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