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PLUS Norino Coro Tape Glue TG-1512

PLUS Norino Coro Tape Glue TG-1512

RM7.50 Regular Price
RM6.00Sale Price

Quantity: 1 piece


12m winding that can be used plenty even though it is compact.


Name: Norino Coro Tape Glue with Chick/Penguin/Crocodile Design OR Colored Design

Brand: Plus


Model & Tape size (Width x Length):

TG 1512-BU 6mm x 8m

TG 1512-GN 6mm x 8m

TG 1512-PK 6mm x 8m


Dimensions: W33 x H63 x D17mm

Materials: Recycled Plastic(Main Casing=Recycled Polystyrene(PS))

**1 Norino Coro Tape Glue with 1 design only**



1) Not applicable on rough or textured surfaces.

2) Not applicable on oiled surface such as color printed paper.

3) Please use at room temperature between 15-35 degrees celsius.


Equipped with plenty of 12m in a compact body


Small size for portability.

Because it has a large capacity, you can do full-scale gluing anywhere.


Newly developed flat tape with carbon fiber


Fully flat type that enables stable adhesion. Satisfactory adhesive removal with original development and carbon fiber content.


Outstanding dust resistance, with shell-type cap


Sealed type that does not collect dust when carrying or putting it in a pouch. The seamless design prevents accidental disconnection.


Rolling shape that is gentle and warm


Cute and portable egg shape. The simple shape makes it easy to grip and easy to use.


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