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PLUS  Paper Case Glue Tape (6mm x 9m) TG-2011

PLUS Paper Case Glue Tape (6mm x 9m) TG-2011

RM9.90 Regular Price
RM7.92Sale Price

Quantity: 1pc


■47% reduction in plastic usage*

Environmentally friendly tape glue with less plastic in the discarded part. *Compared with our smallest size tape glue "Norino Beans" based on the same tape length.

■Can be disposed of separately

Paper and plastic can be separated and disposed of.

■Compact size

Its box-shaped and compact size makes it easy to carry and store.


●Tape colour: Light colour of its body colour

●Disposable type

●External dimensions: W56 x D15 x H25 (mm)

●Tape width: 6mm

●Tape length: 9m

●Material: Resin part = 75% recycled resin (Body/tape core = 100% recycled polystyrene (PS)/Standard) (product 3 SKU only), paper case/cap = paper

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