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PLUS Pasty Series (2023) Refillable Norino Pod 6mm x 10m [TG-1110P]

PLUS Pasty Series (2023) Refillable Norino Pod 6mm x 10m [TG-1110P]


Tape length: 10m

Tape width: 6mm

External dimensions: W78 x D20 x H35mm

Material: 100% recycled resin (main case = 100% recycled ABS)


Full-fledged functions that can be used firmly in a compact size!

"Shutter cap" prevents dust!

It has excellent dust resistance, so you can safely carry it in a pouch or bag.


Protect the head


Convenient to carry


Bean shape


The bean-shaped shape is easy on the hands and does not cause fatigue even when used for a long time.


Get rid of frustration! Equipped with tape jam prevention function


Detects and repairs winding defects, so the tape does not get tangled and can be used for a long time. Types of glue that can be selected according to the situation and application


Easy to refill


To replace the tape, just take out the contents of the main unit and place the cartridge. Easy to refill.

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