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PLUS Portable Scissors Twiggy Fluorine Coated SC 130PF

PLUS Portable Scissors Twiggy Fluorine Coated SC 130PF

RM21.90 Regular Price
RM17.52Sale Price


Name: Portable Twiggy Fluorine-Coated

Brand: Plus


Model & Color:

SC 130PF-GN (Green)

SC 130PF-PC (Peach)

SC 130PF-WH (White)

SC 130PF-SBU (Sky Blue)


Length: 135mm

Blade : 42mm

Materials: Main Casing/Slider/Cap=ABS, Blade=High Carbon Stainless Steel

Function: Cut paper, fabric, cardboard, plastic, etc.


**1 unit for 1 Portable Scissors only**


Ultimate slim portable scissors that cut frayed threads, tags, and packages crisply

Bernoulli curve blade


The curved blade allows you to keep the optimum blade angle to firmly grasp the object. From the root of the blade to the cutting edge, it achieves a light and smooth sharpness.


The long blade makes it convenient for opening and clipping


for opening envelopes


to open the package

The blades are long for portable scissors, so they are efficient when cutting long distances, such as opening bags and envelopes.

* Due to its characteristics, it is not suitable for hard or thick objects.


Easy operation with one hand


The smart handle can be used with one hand, so it is designed to easily cut loose threads on clothes.


Unique locking mechanism that follows natural finger movements

Remove the cap and slide the thumb part.


The lock is released and the blade opens.


Slide the thumb part and lock it.


Peace of mind


Even if you forget to lock it, when you put the cap on, the handle will be pushed in and locked.


Slim shape for easy portability



With its simple and slim shape, it fits neatly in a pen case or makeup pouch.


You can mark it by attaching a strap.



1) Please do not cut thick and hard objects.

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