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PLUS Tape glue "Norinopod" (COE365 SERIES)

PLUS Tape glue "Norinopod" (COE365 SERIES)

RM11.00 Regular Price
RM8.80Sale Price

Uses recycled paper and resin

Recycled paper made from recycled paper and recycled plastic (recycled resin) are used in our products.

Paper box packaging

Review over-wrapping and make it into a paper box package that does not use plastic. In addition, some used newspapers and magazines are used for the packaging paper.


PLUS Tape glue "Norinopod" (COE SERIES) 6MM X 10M

- TG 1111COE-KST (CLASSROOM) 54-349

- TG 1111COE-TK (ON THE DESK) 54-350

- TG 1111COE-TGK (SCHOOL TRAIN) 54-351


External dimensions: W78 x D20 x H35mm 

Material: 100% recycled resin * Excluding replacement tape 

Tape length: 10m 

Photo safe (Company Standard)

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