PLUS Team Demi Stationery Set Free 3pcs Ca.Crea Journal Notebook

PLUS Team Demi Stationery Set Free 3pcs Ca.Crea Journal Notebook


Pre-Sale Period: 

1st December 2020 - 14th December 2020

Stock Deliver Period: Starting from 15th December 2020

Pre-Sale Free Gift: 3 PLUS Ca.Crea Notebook worth RM18.50 each (Blank, Grid, Line)


The eight tools are designed as if they were carved from a single block.
It fits snugly as if it were sucked in by a magnet, and has a structure that makes it easy to take out.
It is a design that calculates the comfort when putting it in and out.


Scissors / scissors
Bernoulli curve blade for light sharpness.
Uses Bernoulli curve blade that can keep the optimum blade angle for firmly grasping the object. Achieves a light and comfortable sharpness from the root of the blade to the cutting edge.


Tape / Mending tape
Mending tape on which you can write letters.
Characters can be written on the 12 mm wide x 10 m winding mending tape, which is convenient for labeling.


Stapler / stapler
It is a size that is particular about ease of use.

You can set 50 No. 10 needles at a time. Since the structure does not close completely when replacing the needle, the first one is not wasted. With a remover that allows you to easily remove the needle.


Cutter / cutter
Reliable specification to replace the whole blade without breaking it.

It is rust resistant and is not sticky even if the tape is cut with a fluorine coating on the entire surface.
Adopting the same 0.5mm thick blade as a large cutter, it is durable, hard to break, and has a long-lasting sharpness.


Glue Liquid / Liquid seaweed
It is less likely to wrinkle and is suitable for detailed work.

The feature is that the paper is less likely to wrinkle. The tip is shaped like an eye drop so that it can be applied to even the smallest details.


Ruler / Ruler
It can also be used as a cutting ruler .

A 10 cm ruler with a small turn. A metal plate is used on one side, making it suitable for cutter work. There is a mini case under the ruler, which is convenient for storing small items such as sticky notes and clips.


Measure Measure
You can measure up to 1.2m smoothly.

A steel measure that is hard to break and easy to measure.
A drum is mounted on the main body, and it can be pulled out smoothly until the end.


SIM-pin / SIM card replacement pin
You can remove the SIM card.

You can remove the SIM card from your smartphone or tablet. You can also access the brand site from the QR code on the back.