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PLUS Twiggy Portable Pouch Size Scissors SC-100PF

PLUS Twiggy Portable Pouch Size Scissors SC-100PF

RM21.90 Regular Price
RM17.52Sale Price

*1 unit for 1 piece only*


Name: Twiggy Portable Pouch Size Scissors

Brand: Plus

Length: 135mm

Blade : 42mm

Materials: Main Casing/Slider/Cap=ABS, Blade=High Carbon Stainless Steel

Function: Used for cutting paper, fabric, cardboard, plastic, etc.


Portable scissors that can be used for multiple purposes, such as grooming, cutting tags, and business trips.

Short size that fits neatly in a small cosmetic pouch






Reliable round cutting edge suitable for etiquette applications


Adopts "W-round edge processing" that is rounded from the outside to the inside of the cutting edge, and has a blade shape that feels good on the skin. In addition, the cutting edge is thinly finished, so it can be used for fine cuts such as grooming.


Body design for a firm grip


The grip part has a square tube design so that you can hold it firmly when operating even if the main body is shortened.


Fluorine coat resists stains and does not stick when the tape is cut.


The entire blade is coated with a transparent fluorine coating, making it resistant to dirt and convenient for opening confectionery bags and subdivided cosmetic bags. Even if you cut sticky materials such as tape, it won't be sticky, and it will continue to have a comfortable and light sharpness.


The Bernoulli curve blade cuts even frayed threads that are difficult to cut.


Uses a "Bernoulli curve blade" that features light sharpness. The optimum blade opening angle is always maintained, and the target can be securely caught regardless of the cutting position from the blade base to the blade tip. It offers comfortable sharpness for a variety of items, from soft and hard-to-cut items such as frayed threads on the go, to clothing tags and coupons.

* Not suitable for cutting thick or hard objects.


Both operability and safety! Easy one-handed "smart handle"


The uniquely designed “smart handle” makes it easy to lock/unlock with one hand. When using, remove the cap and slide the handle forward to unlock. If you slide the handle backward while the blade is closed, it will be securely locked, so you don't have to worry about the blade opening suddenly. It is a design that combines operability and safety.



As this product is lightweight and intended for cutting small objects, please do not use it to cut thick and hard objects.

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