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PLUS Whiper LT Correction Tape (5mm x 20m) WH-1405

PLUS Whiper LT Correction Tape (5mm x 20m) WH-1405

SKU: WH 1405-BU (49-571)
RM11.90 Regular Price
RM9.52Sale Price

Quantity: 1 piece


Name of Product: Whiper LT Correction Tape

External Dimension: W22mm x D85mm x H48 mm

Material: Recycled Plastic, Recycled PS

Tape Length: 5mm x 20m

Type: Disposable, Non-refillable


The Whiper LT is a correction tape that offers a generous amount of tape, up to 20 meters long. The shape of the correction tape is wide and made to fit in your hand, allowing comfortable and smooth usage of the tape. Although it is a cap-free correction tap, the head can also be protected because of the slide mechanism. The head can be stored or taken out with just a simple push, and the "click" sound indicates that it is in a fixed position.


It also comes equipped with 2 Way correction, you can correct one whole line with the normal "pulling" method and also correct a single character with the "push" method. The tape is not easily scraped by the pen-tip and can be overwritten with smoothness and cleanliness.


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