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PLUS Whiper Petit Cream Tape WH-815Y (51-643)

PLUS Whiper Petit Cream Tape WH-815Y (51-643)

SKU: WH 815Y-BU (51-643)
RM9.90 Regular Price
RM7.92Sale Price

PLUS Whiper Petit Cream Tape WH 815Y

5mm x 6m


Newly developed tape with a color that blends well with "cream paper"

We have newly developed an original color tape to match the light cream color paper that is often used for notebooks and notebooks. We research the shades of paper that are slightly different depending on the brand of the notebook or notebook, and adjust the colors to accommodate a wide range. Recommended for notebook users who are particular about the finish.


4 tape widths to choose the size that suits you best

We have a lineup of four types of tape widths: "extra-fine", "narrow width", "standard", and "thick width". You can choose according to the width of the ruled lines of your favorite notebook / notebook and the size of the characters you write. The "extra-fine" 2.5mm width is ideal for pinpoint erasing of only part of a character.


Uses a thin tape that can be overwritten cleanly!

The hiding power is the same as that of conventional correction tape, but the thickness of the white layer is reduced by 11% compared to our conventional product, and a tape with less difference in level with the paper surface is used. It is hard to scrape with the pen tip and can be overwritten smoothly and cleanly, eliminating the problem of scraping or peeling of the tape when rewriting.


Other product features

"I want to erase only here." In such a case, you can flip the main unit and correct only the characters you want to erase with pinpoint in the "reverse mode" that you can correct while looking at the characters.

The newly designed head prevents the tape from floating, enabling clean rewriting. Head shape that makes it easy to see the position of the tape and makes it difficult to scrape the tape even if it is pulled over.

Equipped with PLUS's original "smooth torque mechanism" that supports the force to send out the tape and keeps the pulling comfort smooth until the end.

Uses a mini roller head that has excellent straightness and is resistant to stacking. Achieves a smooth feel with the mini roller at the tip.

A "one-touch cap" that can be opened and closed with just one finger, so you don't have to worry about losing it.

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