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PLUS Whiper PL Pen-Type Correction Tape (5mm x 6m) WH-1905

PLUS Whiper PL Pen-Type Correction Tape (5mm x 6m) WH-1905

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RM6.80Sale Price

Quantity: 1 unit


Name of Product: Whiper PL Pen-Type Correction Tape

External Dimension: W115mm x D16mm x H24 mm

Material: Polystyrene (PS)

Tape Length: 5mm x 6m


As thin as a pen, it is easy to grip and draw!

In addition to the shape with a stable grip, it is equipped with a unique mechanism "Fine Keeper" that controls the force of pulling the tape to an appropriate load from the beginning to the end of use. In addition, we have adopted a "cushion head mechanism" that enhances adhesion to the paper surface, and a "thin tape" that allows for clean overwriting with little step on the paper surface.


The new Whiper PL is a correction tape that has a body like that of a pen. This shape enables the user to hold it comfortably and allows smooth application of the tape. Moreover, it also comes with the new "Fine Keeper" technology which controls the force to apply an appropriate amount of tape from start to end.


The tape tip also has a cover head which can protect the tape while not being used, and easy to open with only a flick of your finger. The thin tape minimizes the distance between the tape and paper surface, allowing clean overwriting.


Dull pastel colors named like sweets

The main body color is SODA (blue), PEACH (pink), and BUTTER CREAM (ivory), which are named like sweets. You can enjoy unifying other stationery and colors.

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