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Sun-star Stationery  Nuimee Fluffy Pen Case (Lying)

Sun-star Stationery Nuimee Fluffy Pen Case (Lying)

RM120.00 Regular Price
RM96.00Sale Price

[nuimee (Nuimee) Magnet type pencil case]
Nuimee stuffed toy pencil case is a magnetic type that sticks to Nuimee.
A magnetic type "Nuimy" with magnets attached to both hands♪ The
hands can be cutely attached to metal walls, desks, water bottles, etc.
Holds approximately 20 pens with a diameter of 10 mm.


■Product name: nuimee Magnet type pencil case
■Color: Bear (S1425935), Squirrel (S1425951), Otter (S1425960), Dog (S1425919), Rabbit (S1425943), Cat (S1425927)
■Size: Width approx. 24cm x Height approx. 9cm x Depth approx. 34cm
■Weight: Approximately 90g
■Material: Polyester/neodymium magnet
■Country of manufacture: China

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