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Uni Jetstream Edge Oil-Based Ballpoint Premium Pen 0.28mm

Uni Jetstream Edge Oil-Based Ballpoint Premium Pen 0.28mm

RM55.00 Regular Price
RM44.00Sale Price

Name: Uni Jetstream Edge Ball Premium Pen 0.28mm

Barrel Color: Black, Navy, White Red, Champagne Gold

Nib Size: 0.28mm

Ink Color: Black

Ink Characteristics: Water Resistant, Fade-Resistant, Fraud Prevention, Low-Viscosity

Refillable: Yes (SXR 203-28)



The Edge is a specialized pen designed for tiny, fine writing. This will be ideal for journaling, Hobonichi, bullet journals, and other very small writing that if often done on lightweight paper.


Ultra-fine, pushing the limits of oil-based ballpoint pens

The world's smallest ball diameter, 0.28mm, the first oil-based ballpoint pen

*As of August 2019 (according to our research)




- Edge is with a unique clip, with a bent metal wire that looks like a frail paper clip at first glance. This clip is incredibly strong and secure.


- Edge textured grip section is made of metal, the rest of the pen is a sleek plastic


-The nose of the pen also borrows closely from the drafting pencil aesthetic, but also provides a good view at what you're writing since the cone tapers off dramatically from the grip.


- The needle-tip of the refill, giving you more sight around what you're writing since the exposed part of the refill is so small.


- Low center of gravity for excellent stability and control.


Ultra-low friction "Jet Stream Ink" allows you to write unprecedented fine print with an ultra-fine ball diameter of 0.28 mm.

  • The world's first oil-based ballpoint pen category has the world's smallest, ultra-fine ball diameter of 0.28mm*. Compared to our gel ink ballpoint pens with the same ball diameter, the line width is narrower.
    Because it uses Jet Stream Ink, a low-viscosity oil-based ink, it dries quickly and allows you to write dark, clear lines smoothly.
    *As of August 2019 (according to our research) *Refills are available in three colors: black, red, and blue.


Newly developed "point tip" with easy-to-read writing surface

  • The newly developed "Point Tip" has a slim shape that extends over the tip of the pen, making it possible to clearly see the tip of the pen even when performing detailed writing tasks.


Main body axis that combines functionality and design

  • The tip shaft is made of metal, and the grip part has a thin line processing to prevent slipping. Additionally, by moving the center of gravity closer to the pen tip, it is designed to be stable even when making detailed writing.
    The thin, sharp lines drawn by the ``Jet Stream Edge'' are expressed by the thin wire of the wire clip and the radial straight lines created by the hexagonal shaft. The design visually shows off the center of gravity, which is closer to the tip of the pen, due to the shape that tapers toward the rear end.
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