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Uni-ball One Japanese Colour 0.38mm/0.5mm (Limited Edition)

Uni-ball One Japanese Colour 0.38mm/0.5mm (Limited Edition)

RM5.90 Regular Price
RM4.72Sale Price

Name: Uni-ball One Gel Pen Japanese Colour

Tip Size: 0.5mm

Features: Dark Ink, Water Resistance, Quick Dry, Non-Bleed

Quantity: 1pc or 3pc/set


Miyabi Tsutsumi: Daifuku-Mochi, Bellflower, Loquat Fruit

Hanari Tsutsumi: Sakura-Monaka, Jade, Sweet Chestnut


The newly developed "uni-ball one" ink uses a new pigment that, unlike general gel inks, minimizes the penetration of coloring materials into paper fibers while prevents the color material from being absorbed into the paper surface and does not bleed or smear due to its quick dry technology.


By enclosing the pigment, which is the coloring material of the ink, in the particles and increasing the size of the particles, the penetration of the coloring material into the paper surface is suppressed as much as possible. As a result, the coloring material on the paper surface develops the original color, black is darker, and colors are more vivid.


The pigmented inks have darker colors and water-resistance that normal gel inks can't match. Through collaborative research between Mitsubishi Pencil and Ritsumeikan University, dark letters demonstrate the effect of helping memory, which are good for students!


Another elegant feature of the One is the open wire clip. It's essentially a spring-loaded clip with a sturdy piece of wire as opposed to a plastic body.

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