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Uni-ball One P Gel Ink Ballpoint Cute Pen 0.38mm/0.5mm (Black Ink)

Uni-ball One P Gel Ink Ballpoint Cute Pen 0.38mm/0.5mm (Black Ink)

RM22.50 Regular Price
RM18.00Sale Price

Name: Uni-ball One P Gel Pen

Model: UMN SP 05/38

Tip Size: 0.38mm/0.5mm

Features: Dark Ink, Water Resistance, Quick Dry, Non-Bleed

Quantity: 1 pc

**All are in black ink**


The new "Uni-ball One P" model is based on the concept of "quality that fits in your hand," and offers both a cute, minimalist, rounded form and high-quality writing comfort. The "P" in the product name is an acronym for "pocket," which stands for the quality pen that fits comfortably in your hand and makes you want to take it with you wherever you go. The short, thick, rounded shape and subtle matte coloring gives it a lovely appearance that is soothing and calming, perfect for use in everyday life.


The pen is designed to be the perfect size and weight to fit in the palm of your hand, and is equipped with a metal stabilizer mechanism on the pen nib, which is inherited from the "Uni-ball One F" series. Like others from the "Uni-ball One" series, it uses the newly developed "Uni-ball One" pigmented ink which produces more vivid darker colors, and does not bleed or smear due to its quick dry technology.


The new model also retained another significant feature of the "Uni-ball One" series, the open wire clip. The new clip is designed to be just the right length and width to not hit your hand while writing, as well as being adjustable and easy to insert into notebooks or organizers.


■A lovely round shape and a size that fits in your hand

  It has a plump and adorable form with a catchphrase of “Cute and cute.” It has a short, thick, rounded shape that looks like a deformed version of a regular writing instrument, and the knock bar has a wide surface and a rounded design. Uni-ball one P, which is minimalistic and cute, is easy to put in your bag and is an item you'll want to keep by your side at all times.



■Writing comfort that inherits the high-quality worldview of the “uni-ball one” series

 Based on the concept of ``a quality feel that fits in your hand,'' we paid attention not only to the design, but also to ease of holding and writing.

  • ・Although it has a shorter and cute form than a regular ballpoint pen, it has been adjusted to the optimal length, thickness, and weight so that you can quickly pick it up and start writing, making it easy to hold when writing. Ta.
  • ・The newly shaped clip is long and wide so that it does not touch your hand when writing, and like the "uni-ball one" series, it is movable and can be easily clipped onto notebooks and notebooks.
  • -The pen tip is equipped with a metal stabilizer mechanism to provide a stable writing experience.
  • - The refill is the same as the "uni-ball one" series, and is equipped with ink that produces clear colors without smearing.


■A core color that gives a soothing touch to everyday life, inspired by a slightly sweet candy.

 We have adopted 8 colors that are inspired by slightly sweet candy for the shaft colors. The matte coloring matches the world view of the small and adorable "uni-ball one P", and you will feel soothed just by holding it.

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