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Uni-ball One Upgrade Colour Clip Black Ink 0.5mm (Limited Edition)

Uni-ball One Upgrade Colour Clip Black Ink 0.5mm (Limited Edition)

RM21.00 Regular Price
RM16.80Sale Price

Name: Uni-ball One F Gel Ink Pen

Model: UMN-SF-05CC

Tip Size: 0.5MM

Features: Stabilizer mechanism, Low center of gravity

Quantity: 1pc

Ink: Black

Refill: UMR 05S









Equipped with "stabilizer mechanism" that realizes stable writing with a low center of gravity

-A metal nib with improved dimensional accuracy is used for the tip shaft that holds the refill, achieving a stable and smoother writing taste with a low center of gravity. It is suitable not only for studying and writing notes, but also for diaries because you can write stably with a light force.


-Not only is it comfortable to write, but the one-point metal nib accentuates the sharpness of the design, giving a more sophisticated and high-quality impression.


Stable writing experience with thematic shaft colors and low center of gravity


Aiming to be a familiar item, the core colors were inspired by colors that blend into everyday life.

  • Equipped with a "stabilizer mechanism" that provides a stable writing experience with a low center of gravity.


Axis colors that express familiar colors that you see in everyday life

The scenery we see in our daily lives changes depending on the season and situation, and in light of the fact that we see vague colors rather than primary colors, we offer a range of faded colors for each axis color. I did. We want it to be a favorite item that the user always has on hand, and each axis color name is based on a simple everyday scene that will resonate with the emotional sensibility of the user. We adopted it.

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