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Uni-ball One Upgrade Model Earth Texture Series Gel Ink Pen (0.38mm/0.5mm) UMN-S

Uni-ball One Upgrade Model Earth Texture Series Gel Ink Pen (0.38mm/0.5mm) UMN-S

RM21.00 Regular Price
RM16.80Sale Price

Name: Uni-ball One F Gel Ink Pen

Model: UMN-SF-38/UMN-SF-05

Tip Size: 0.38mm/0.5MM

Features: Stabilizer mechanism, Low center of gravity

Quantity: 1pc

Ink: Black

Refill: UMR 38S / UMR 05S



- Dark Grey

- Ice Blue

- White



- Green

- Light Ocher

- Pink


Axis colors (texture colors) based on the concept of nature and landscapes from around the world

Each shaft has a texture designed with the motif of each landscape, enhancing the quality of the shaft. The texture expression is slightly different for each piece, giving it individuality and creating a design that makes the user feel special.


    Equipped with "stabilizer mechanism" that realizes stable writing with a low center of gravity

    -A metal nib with improved dimensional accuracy is used for the tip shaft that holds the refill, achieving a stable and smoother writing taste with a low center of gravity. It is suitable not only for studying and writing notes, but also for diaries because you can write stably with a light force.


    -Not only is it comfortable to write, but the one-point metal nib accentuates the sharpness of the design, giving a more sophisticated and high-quality impression.

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