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Uni-ball Signo RT1 0.5mm Black Ink (LimitedEdition)

Uni-ball Signo RT1 0.5mm Black Ink (LimitedEdition)

RM6.60 Regular Price
RM5.28Sale Price

Name: Signo RT1 Gel Roller Pen

Tip: Plastic

Ball: 0.5mm

Ink Color: Black

Ink Refill: UMR 85N / UMR 83 / UMR 87



An innovative tip design.

Rounded and edgeless tip design to reduce friction against the paper, resulting in a super-smooth writing experience.

Consisting of a clicker with clip, and a rubber grip that blends almost seamlessly into the barrel.

Acid-Free, Archival Quality, Fade-Resistant, Fraud Prevention, Water Resistant


Super thin yet smooth.

The newly formulated Signo Ink and the elimination of corners at the tip of the tip reduce the frictional resistance between the pen tip and paper, creating a smooth writing experience. One-motion design with inconspicuous joint between grip and shaft. (Ball diameter: 0.28mm/0.38mm/0.5mm)


Edgeless tip with no corner at the tip of the tip

In order to reduce the frictional resistance between the pen tip and the paper, the tip has no corners, resulting in a smooth writing experience. In addition, it uses a stainless steel tip with excellent robustness and a spring tip mechanism that prevents direct ink flow.


Newly formulated ink

We have reviewed the ink formulation and improved the smoothness while maintaining the vividness of the ink color and the ability to write ultra-fine lines without bleeding. Uses dark, non-bleeding water-based pigment ink. It also has excellent water resistance and light resistance.


Flowing one-motion design

A new design with no noticeable joint between the grip and the shaft. The simple, flowing shape with no irregularities is attractive. In addition, the entire tip shaft has a rubber grip that makes it easy to grip.

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