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Uni Jetstream 3 Colour Ballpoint Multi Pen 0.5mm SXE3-507

Uni Jetstream 3 Colour Ballpoint Multi Pen 0.5mm SXE3-507

RM30.00 Regular Price
RM24.00Sale Price

Uni Jetstream Multi Pen

Ink: Black. Blue, Red

Tip SIze: 0.5mm


Quantity: 1 piece


3-color ballpoint pen that you can use black without hesitation

Black ink can be dispensed by knocking the rear end, allowing you to use black intuitively. Equipped with a long-lasting refill for black ink, you can use black for a longer time than before.


A 3-color ballpoint pen that can be dispensed in black by clicking on the rear end.

This is the first multi-colored ballpoint pen to feature a new rear-end knocking mechanism for black only. This mechanism allows you to knock black without hesitation. Red and blue ink use the same slide knock as before, but the new mechanism allows you to advance and release any color no matter which ink color is being advanced.


Equipped with a "long-lasting refill" that contains approximately 70% more black ink than regular products.

The most commonly used black ink is equipped with a ``long-lasting refill'' that increases the amount of ink by approximately 70% compared to regular products by making the refill tube thinner. Additionally, by thinning the tube wall, the amount of plastic used is reduced by approximately 30% compared to regular products. Also compatible with SXR-80 and SXR-203. Please check here for details .


Equipped with ultra-low friction jet stream ink

Equipped with the world's first revolutionary newly developed ink that provides an addictive, smooth writing experience. You can write smoothly with low writing resistance regardless of writing load or speed. It allows you to draw dark, clear lines and dries quickly.

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