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Uni Kuru Toga Advance with lead tube 0.5mm Mechanical Pencil M5-559

Uni Kuru Toga Advance with lead tube 0.5mm Mechanical Pencil M5-559

RM33.00 Regular Price
RM26.40Sale Price

Kuru Toga Advance: Rotates 2x faster than other Kuru Toga Mechanical Pencil



Sharp for writing beautiful letters

Even if you keep writing, the darkness and thickness of the letters will not change, so you can write beautifully.


The darkness and thickness of the letters are always the same

With Advanced, you can write beautiful characters with uniform line width and constant density. Even if you write a lot, the letters won't get crushed, and you can write clearly, so you can create beautiful notebooks. If you write a lot of text every day, this is the Sharp you want to use.


You can write beautiful letters with a certain density.

Unlike the regular Sharp, the Advanced has a uniform line width.


Comparison of drawn line density

With Advanced, you can maintain deep, dense lines from the beginning.


Difference in tip

Regular sharpeners tend to end up with extremely sharp tips due to ``uneven wear,'' where the sharpener refill wears unevenly and diagonally while you write. As a result, the line width of the drawn line gradually becomes thicker, and the force applied to the core varies, causing the line to become blurry and thin. With Advanced, the tip of the tip wears out evenly and maintains a beautiful conical shape even as you continue writing. The part that touches the paper can be kept thin, resulting in a constant, thin, dark line.


Difference from normal sharp with core diameter 0.3mm

Even with the originally thin 0.3mm lead, there is such a difference in the drawn lines.


Difference from normal sharp with core diameter of 0.7mm

With a 0.7mm lead, you can write clear and strong characters.


The secret to writing beautiful letters

① W Speed ​​Engine

Compared to the Kurutoga Engine, which rotates once in 40 frames, the Advanced W Speed ​​Engine rotates once in 20 frames. It has evolved to be faster, thinner, cleaner and easier to toggle than the conventional kurtoga, and rotates 18 degrees in one stroke. It is also very effective for characters that tend to be "unbalanced". ``Kana and alphabets'': Even characters with a small number of strokes and long lines can be drawn neatly and evenly. "Soft lead": Even if you use a soft sharp refill such as 2B that can write thickly, the line width will continue to be thin and constant.


② Metal parts

Precisely machined metal parts are used to make the mechanism that rotates the core more stable.


③ Core breakage prevention mechanism

``I want to be able to concentrate for a long time, and I want to write more and more without worrying about pen pressure. ”Advance is fully compatible with such writing situations such as tests and quick writing on the board during class. The core will not break and you can write beautiful letters. To prevent the lead from breaking when writing, it is equipped with a slide pipe that allows you to write without removing the lead from the tip. The optimized shape and processing allow you to write without compromising the writing feel. One knock is continuous long writing. If the slide pipe becomes short, pull out the core and use it. * "Prevention of lead breakage" is effective only when the lead does not protrude from the tip.


Body design that makes you want to be your partner

The Advanced pursues a high-quality finish on the exterior, creating a luxurious feel with its high-brightness luster and pearl expression. Also pay attention to the mark that resembles a W engine on the rotating part of the engine. Feel how fast it spins. Equipped with a plated metal clip and knock cover to improve durability and texture.

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