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Uni Kuru Toga KS Mechanical Pencil 0.5mm

Uni Kuru Toga KS Mechanical Pencil 0.5mm

RM32.00 Regular Price
RM25.60Sale Price

Kurtoga KS model

Sharp that keeps turning and triggering


The core wears out evenly and continues to toggle.
You can keep writing thin letters all the time, so your notebook will look neater.
Furthermore, it is equipped with a new design and new engine that suppresses blurring when writing.
Equipped with an elastomer grip, it has become easier to write.


Product specifications explanation

It spins around and keeps the twisted core.
It's thin and sharp enough to keep writing clearly.



    Advantages of the Kurtoga mechanism

    The shape of the tip of Kurtoga is always toga, so
    the thin letters continue. Also, it is difficult to get powder from the core.


    ``More concentration'' New engine that suppresses blurring

    It has evolved into a new engine that minimizes the movement of the pen tip.
    Since you won't feel any movement while writing,
    you'll be able to write more easily and concentrate more.



      Equipped with an elastomer grip that makes it easier to grip

      Equipped with a grip for those who study more.
      The widening of the pen tip makes it
      easy to catch your fingers and make it easy to hold.
      Optimal design that won't hurt your fingers.


      "More simple" New design that is closer to learning

      With a simple and one-tone design that is easy to use for daily study,
      we have created a book that will help you concentrate more on your studies.

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