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Uni Pencil - 2B/4B/6B/HB (12 Pcs)

Uni Pencil - 2B/4B/6B/HB (12 Pcs)

RM36.00 Regular Price
RM28.80Sale Price

Name: Uni Standard Pencil (Box of 12)

Brand: Uni

Size Available: 2B / 4B / 6B / HB

Quantity: 12

Size(Box): 75.0 x 225.0 x 22.0mm

Weight(Box): 160.0g


Mitsubishi Uni Wooden Pencil is one of the world's finest pencil for its writing and every day sketching.


Super smooth lead glides effortlessly on the paper.


No scratchy bits nor impurities present to ruin the experience.


Pencil sharpens well to razor point and resists breakage.


Soft lead is ideal for shading and laying down tone quickly.


A dozen premium chosen sized pencils, a plastic block eraser within a rigid plastic sleeve, and all packed in a sturdy plastic pencil display case makes for a great gift for artists and creative types.


The Uni Pencil is painted in a traditional Japanese maroon, likened to a wine red, with black and gold accents.


Uni wooden pencils in a box are supplied unsharpened.


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