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Uni Pin Pen Chisel (CS1-200, CS2-200, CS3-200)

Uni Pin Pen Chisel (CS1-200, CS2-200, CS3-200)

RM6.50 Regular Price
RM5.20Sale Price

Product Description

Now that the new bevelled tips have joined the Uni Pin range, in sizes Chisel 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 an ideal pen for calligraphy.



Writing and drawing felt-tip pen

Ultra-resistant calibrated tip

Clean and precise line

Regular ink flow and long writing distance

Does not bleed through the paper

Indelible pigmented ink: deep colours, will not fade over time, water and solvent resistant

May be used on its own or in addition to water-soluble products

Ideal for sketching, plans, drawing, tracing, illustrations


"Uni Pin" is one of the most well-known products in ultra-fine tip marking pens. The Pin's nib provides smooth ink flow, which is ideal for writing, drawing and designing. These 3 new chisel tips added to the PIN line-up are suitable for drawing combination of thick and thin lines such as Calligraphy. The chisel tips can draw lines of various widths from thick to thin lines more clearly, so it enables beautiful lettering. As the slightly curved top of the tip reduces friction between paper and the tip, it provides smoother writing than other competitors. Also, the special ink used for Uni PIN does not easily bleed through and enables writing clear letters. Pigment ink: The ink has superior water resistance, so once it dries, the ink will not smear, even if you spill water on the page. It also has light resistance and it will not fade under continuous exposure to light.

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